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Six Triangles

Six Triangles, 1983, Steel
Ephraim Peleg (Israeli, born 1936)
These colorful steel triangles adorn a Nursing School plaza. Peleg, a Holocaust survivor, escaped Poland after learning that his parents had been killed in the concentration camps. He first came to the United States from Israel after he was commissioned to create a large interactive sculpture in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The repetitive forms found in Six Triangles and many more of the Peleg’s pieces are representative of his artistic vision. He wrote in his artist statement that the replication of a form “demonstrates that underneath the veneer we are all really the same. The different colors—all bright and attractive—help to highlight the unique and wonderful differences between us." Peleg has also written that his belief in the “survival of all people” continues to be the leading inspiration for all of his works.

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