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Pair of Candelabra

Pair of Candelabra, 19th Century, Porcelain and Brass
Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur (Berlin)

The Prussians dominated the German Empire from its creation in 1871, led by Kaiser Wilhelm I. This object relates to the Wilhelm and Augusta’s son, who became the Emperor Frederick, and his wife, Victoria. Victoria was of English royal birth, being the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. When Princess Victoria married her love match, Frederick, they unified Great Britain with Berlin, the Prussian capital. Frederick ascended the throne in 1888, only living to reign for 99 days before perishing of throat cancer. After Frederick’s death, the Empress dressed in mourning clothing for the remainder of her life. Dr. Thomas W. Evans had medically attended Frederick in his final days, and maintained relations with the Empress. This highly ornate pair of candelabra is painted on the base with the initials V and F, commemorating the love match and political union of Victoria and Frederick.