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Nude, 1952, Woodcut
Eugene Larkin (American, 1921 – 2010)

Eugene Larkin was born in 1921 to a farming family in rural Minnesota. Throughout his childhood, agricultural life and the artistic example of his mother, who was a painter, inspired him to make art. He was introduced to expressionism while studying at the University of Minnesota. During this time, Larkin developed a gestural expressionist style that would stay with him for the rest of his career. He portrayed a wide range of subjects over the years, including musicians, activists, and nature. He also used various mediums to transmit his gestural style, but is best known for his lithographic prints. Larkin held various teaching positions throughout his career and exhibited at institutions like the National Gallery of Art, the University of Minnesota, the Library of Congress, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

This piece, Nude, is a woodcut created in 1952. Larkin’s signature expressive linework comes through in this depiction of a woman in folded position.