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125 Years

125 Years, 2003, Granite
Jenny Holzer (American, born 1950)

Environmental / Mixed. The Women's Sculpture Project transforms the Woodland Walk diagonal through Hill Square into a gateway to the University of Pennsylvania campus.

Jenny Holzer is an American conceptual artist known for her large-scale public displays. She has created many works examining gender in society and is perhaps most recognized for her LED signs and public installations. The text-based sculptures that line the curving walkway in Hill Square were created by Holzer to celebrate the anniversary of 125 Years of Women at Penn. The pathway can be found in Hill Square, a historical site for women at Penn: Hill College House was built as the first Women’s Residence Hall; the former College for Women was located across Walnut Street from Hill Square; and the site of the first women’s dormitory was directly across Chestnut Street from the Square. 125 Years is made up of granite benches and curbs that are inscribed with quotations that describe the journey of women at the university.

Location: Hill Square, Philadelphia PA

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