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Music Room in Strawberry Mansion

Music Room in Strawberry Mansion, 20th Century, Oil on Canvas
Hobson Pittman (American, 1900 – 1972)

Hobson Pittman was a North Carolina native who came to Pennsylvania as a young man. Pitmann studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and spent summers in an art colony based in Woodstock, New York. Pittman became well-known for his paintings of interiors, such as Music Room in Strawberry Mansion. In 1945, a quote in the magazine “Contemporary American Painting” remarked that “Hobson Pittman is the poet-painter of the empty room. His profoundly felt and hauntingly brushed interiors – lighted from without by moon or sun and from within by lamp and moon as conspiring protagonists – vibrate with news of the presence that is withheld.”