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Bricklayers, Lithograph
Pablo O'Higgins (Mexican, 1904 – 1983)
Pablo O'Higgins was born in Utah as "Paul Higgins." He moved to Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art and his work continues to circulate in exhibits of Latin American art across South America. Like other artists featured int he Mexican Peoples Portfolio, O'Higgins was an active member of the Mexican Communist Party. Alongside Leopoldo Mendez, O'Higgins help found the Liga de Escritores y Artistas, a Mexican association of revolutionary writers and artists. Additionally, he trained under and was primary assistant to famous muralist and political activist Diego Rivera. The term "Ladrilleros" refers to Mexican adobe mrickmakers or sellers. This piece shows a father and son in the foreground holding bricks with what appears to be unfinished buildings in the background. Traditional crafts, labor, and skills have historically been passed from parent to child as a means of maintaining such practices. Bricklayers represent the tradition of passing down knowledge through generations