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Silkscreen 17

Silkscreen 17, Serigraph
Betty Gold (American, born 1935)

Betty Gold is a contemporary American sculptor, painter and printmaker whose work explores geometry and shape in both two and three dimensions. She was born in Austin, Texas, and spent much of her life working in California, before moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she now has a studio. Gold works in a diverse array of media, creating sculptures, paintings, screen prints, wood and stone carvings. She has created monumental sculptures as well as works on paper, and her pieces often explore the relationship between graphic, folk and fine arts. She describes her artistic process as originating in the act of folding paper—transforming a two dimensional object into a structure—from which she draws inspiration, disassembling and reassembling the shape in her work. Gold has also expressed her support for other women artists who are struggling and undervalued in a male-dominated art market, saying that she hopes to “motivate, represent, and inspire more women sculptors to assert themselves into the competitive art market, where they’ve yet to become dominant members.”

Silkscreen 17, with its cheerful palette and strong geometric lines exemplifies Gold’s signature style.