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Geometrie, 1959, Lithograph
Jean Dubuffet (French, 1901 – 1985)

Jean Dubuffet was a French artist who had a career in the military and then as a wine seller before turning his efforts to art at age 41.  Dubuffet rejected cultural norms and the aesthetics of traditional art. Instead, he embraced “Raw Art” or Art Brut, finding inspiration in the works created by children, prisoners, and the mentally ill.  Dubuffet stated, “A work of art is only of interest, in my opinion, when it is an immediate and direct projection of what is happening in the depth of a person’s being."

This work is from a series of 18 black-and-white lithographs from the Sites and Paths Portfolio, his 12th portfolio of 13 from the Phenomena series of 1957-1962, exploring his fascination with natural forces, textures, and the Earth.